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Waterjet cutting technology is one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes in the world due to its versatility and ease of operation.  There are virtually no limits to what waterjets are capable of cutting and machining.

Waterjets can cut almost any material, such as; metal, stone, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, or rubber-all up to eight inches thick with no heat-affected zone and superior edge quality.

Waterjets require few secondary operations, produce net-shaped parts with no heat-affected zone, heat distortion, or mechanical stresses caused by other cutting methods, can cut with a narrow kerf, and can provide better usage of raw material since parts can be tightly nested.

Here at Eagle Cutting & Supply, we house the Flow Waterjet. Flow International is the inventor of the abrasive waterjet process, and has, what we feel, is the best waterjet on the market.  Our waterjet has has a table size of 6 ft x 12 ft. The waterjet operates at 60,000 psi through a 50 hp intensifier pump.  Inside a mixing tube, the abrasive garnet is mixed with the water, creating an abrasive waterjet stream that exits thru a .040 opening in the cutting head at the speed of mach 3.


Our High Definition Plasma is a Komatsu TFP 3051 with a 5 x 10 cutting area.  It can cut stainless steel material up to 3\4″ thick and mild steel up to 1″ thick.  The cutting accuracy is equivalent to the laser, only with an ability to cut much thicker material.

The cost of material cut on the plasma is very economical and the tolerances and edges are quite good. Dross generated during plate cutting is drastically reduced due to high speed twister gas.  This is a good option when cutting production runs where time and costs are imperative.


We believe the NTC TLV laser is one of the finest lasers on the market.  The TLV provides large working ranges with the tolerances and precision of a much smaller system.  Our TLV laser cutting system features hybrid construction to provide simultaneous movement of machine and material and a stable, precise cutting platform.

Our 2000 watt TLV Laser provides high-speed cutting in a compact design for a variety of industrial laser applications.  Programs can be easily downloaded from CAD data, while the bridge-type construction and work tables offer the flexibility to perform any number of tasks.  Our TLV model provides a work envelope of 60″ x 120″ with feed speed rates to 787″/min.  This laser provices fast and precise cutting of two-dimensional work pieces.