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We support our troops!

tubes n' hoses

Now offering a variety of hoses made locally and while you wait!

We duplicate virtually any tube or hose OEM fluid lines, metric or American, at a fraction of the price!


We specialize in crimping all types of hoses, plus bending and forming metal tubing from 3/16” to 1-1/4”. Eagle Fabricates fittings, tubes, and hoses for:



Ranches, Farm Implement & Equipment Dealers, Fruit Harvesters, Fruit Processing Plants, Grove Operators, Harvesting Contractors, Row Crop Farmers, Vegetable & Melon Farmers, Vineyards.



Air Conditioning Shops, Car & Truck Dealers, Automotive Parts, Auto Repair Shops, Collision Centers, Custom Car & Motorcycle Shops, Performance Shops, Radiator Shops, Trucking Companies, Truck Repair Shops



Air Compressor Shops, Bakeries, Bottling Plants, Car Washes, Fleet Shops, Concrete Plants, Equipment Rental Dealers, Food Processors, Hospitals, Laundries, Maintenance Shops, Refusal & Garbage Companies, Scrap Yards



De-Watering Contractors, Electrical (Highline) Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Rigging Contractors, Road Builders, Site Prep Contractors, Structural Contractors, Underground Contractors



Forestry Dealers & Shops, Lumber Treating Plants, Lumber Yards, Planner Mills, Tree Harvesting Companies, Saw Mills



Airport & Golfcourse Maintenance, City & County Generating & Distribution Shop, Maintenance & Fleet Shops, Military Installations & Motor Pools, Sewage Treatment Centers, State Road & Building Maintenance Shops



Hydraulic Hose Distributors, Hydraulic Hose Fabricators, Hydraulic Repair Shops, Rubber & Gasket Distributors



Board Mills, Chemical Plants, Generating Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Mining Operations, Paper & Pulp Mills, Petroleum Plants, Plywood Mills



Barge & Towing Operators, Boat Repair Shops, Cargo Handlers, Container Delivery Truckers, Mariners, Recreational Marine Dealers, Ships & Shipping Companies, Tugboat Operators



Car Haulers, Ground Support Equipment Shops, Heavy Equipment Haulers, Motor Freight Companies, Railroad Car Shops



Electrical Above Ground & Underground, Plumbers & Sewer Maintenance


Custom Orders:

Call or come by to see how we can assist you.